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Midlands Carpet Cleaners - 46 Leads In Just 1 Month!

The Company

Midlands Carpet Cleaners is a 5 star rated carpet cleaning company located in Birmingham. They provide carpet cleaning services throughout the West Midlands both to the domestic and the commercial market.

What They Needed

The team at Midlands Carpet Cleaners wanted to bring in more paying customers (domestic and commercial) within a 20 mile radius from there business address.

Problems They Were Facing

Even though Midlands Carpet Cleaning have only been established for 12 months - they struggled to find a Digital Marketing Agency that would give them the time and attention they deserved. Google Ads were tried and tested previously in house but with lack of experience they received a lot of "spammy/bots" enquiries.

They Joined Eleven Views

After a thorough discovery call with the Midlands Carpet Cleaners Founder and Director. Eleven Views and Midlands Carpet Cleaners both agreed and felt happy that we could take them directly into a position that would allow Midlands Carpet Cleaners to achieve their online goals with new paying customers.

Midlands Carpet Cleaners agreed to sign up to our Google Ads service.

The Results

Within just first 4 weeks Eleven Views have generated Midlands Carpet Cleaners:

- 37 phone call enquiries

- 9 email enquiries

Thats a total of 46 enquiries in just 1 month.

Do You Want To Work With Us?

Could your business handle a ton of new and hot enquiries? We work with various industries such as eCommerce businesses, home improvements, finance brokers, social enterprises, beauty and aesthetics and many more. Why not book in a free discovery call with me Click here and find out how Eleven Views can help your business


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